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Day out on the river
Kingston to Richmond with the lovely Rita she said it was her perfect day.


 Marmalade diaries 

So every week now we have my mother in law for 3 nights who has late stages of Dementia I would say probably around stage 6 we had a fun this last week running round all night looking for a sock that she paid £18.00 pound for ! they were actually from Primark so about 2 quid.

She panics all the time about her dog who is being looked after but when she goes home wants to put my cats in a carry bag to keep them safe 😃

I also as some of you may know I own a care company for people with Dementia my last client of the day decided to pull his catheter out OUCH blood every where and the other day I spent 2 hours on the floor with a client looking for mice that weren't there if you didn't laugh you would cry .

Marmalade care ltd 

We are now coming into our third year and what a roller coaster ride its been.

New clients new staff, learning new things each and every day 

Its certainly never boring.

We have loved and lost along the way but not everyone is supposed to share your journey.

 I am as passionate now as the day I first began and will continue to battle on to give our elderly generation love and hope in the comfort of there own homes .

Marina Barker 

Marmalade care would like to thank all our staff and clients 

for their continued support through out 2022 some of whom have been with us since the begining 

We wish you love and happiness for the future 

And we look forward to working with you in 2023.

Nutrition & Hydration

Marina Barker, the creator of Marmalade care is trained in Nutrition and hydration LEVEL3 DISTINCTION. This came in handy over the past few days during the record breaking heat wave. Marmalade care go above and beyond to maintain clients safety and well-being. The staff are ready for any condition and will endeavour to make clients comfortable and safe whatever the weather 


We would like to congratulate Julie Willis on her promotion to Supervisor 

.Julie has been with us for 2 years now and is a great asset to the company.

As we all know as our loved ones lose weight as they struggle along the journey that is Dementia 

at Marmalade care we offer an alteration service at a discounted price for you and your loved ones

We can even arrange collection and delivery

Please contact us 

 Telephone 0203 977 8802

Mobile 07711830043

Goodbye 2021

Well I can honestly say 2021 was another crazy roller coaster ride for myself and all our amazing staff at Marmalade care.

 We gained more and more clients as our reputation grows in Teddington and surrounding areas but sadly we also lost a few to the Covid Grinch or just because it was time for them to move on to more specialist care.

  I have to say I miss each and everyone of the people we have been companions to and with tears in my eyes I would thank them for the laughter and happy memories they have left  us with.

Moving forward we are now settled in the wonderful office in the causeway and are now ready for whatever 2022 throws at us.

As always I  thank the staff and there families for there never ending support.

Stay safe everyone.

Marina Barker 

Merry Christmas 

I would just like to wish the whole Marmalade team a very merry Christmas and a happy new year .

Thank  you all so much for all you do going above and beyond when needed.

Darren has now left us and we wish him every happiness in his new venture ,you have been amazing and are welcome back anytime.

Jade and Cath are our newest members nice to have you on board.

Last but not least a big thank you to all our clients who have fondly nick named us the Marmaladians !

Be happy and stay safe 


Home Phone calls 

We now provide a call service for vulnerable people to check on them daily and make sure they are ok and generally just to have a chat so they do not feel so isolated and alone as we realize that some elderly people do not see or hear from anyone for days on end.

Any enquires please call the office on 

0203 977 8802

and speak to Marina or Kelly  

We are now accepting new clients in 




St Margarets

and Whitton 

for more information 

Please contact 

0203 977 8802


New Projects

So its only a few weeks away now when we move into our new office on the causeway ,I have to say I'm really looking forward to the move to be able to once again separate work and home life.

I have lots of new projects Training being the main one of course for our staff but I'm hoping to be able to give talks to families and any one in the public who might be interested in Dementia and other related illnesses. I am also  going to start up a monthly news letter where we can keep in touch with all our lovely clients and there families and let them see what Marmalade care get up to should be fun.

Marina Barker 

Marmalade Care 

I am very happy to announce that we are moving to our new office in Teddington on the 1st of November 

Where i will be resuming Dementia training 

More details to follow


Tips on caring for someone with Dementia

Speak clearly and slowly try using shorter sentences ,keep your tone of voice positive and friendly 

Always make eye contact with the person 

If they are sitting down try not to stand above them this is overpowering and comes across as intimidating 

Kneel down slightly to the side so that your not right in there faces.

 Hold there hand touch is important and will help them to feel safe in your company.

you will know if its appropriate 

Smile and listen to what they are saying even if it makes no sense .

Dont interrupt or finish of there sentences this is quite frustrating for them and quite patronising 

Making eye contact with the person will enable you to know by there expressions if they are happy, sad or in pain 

Communication is not just about speech 

Body language and facial expressions are extremely important 

Most of all try to remember that even if they dont remember your name they will remember the way you made them feel .

To care for someone with Dementia you must step out of your reality and into theres .

Marina Barker 

Art and Craft 

So love the days when i can sit and paint with my lovely clients and im always amazed at what we acomplish especially the smiles 


Nickie has worked with us all through the pandemic, always going that extra mile to help her clients .She is now going back to her old Job as a receptionist and all of us at Marmalade care would to wish Nickie all the best for the future and thank you.  

We will be your voice in the darkness

We are the voice you can hear

We will keep you safe from harm 

We are always here for you 

you know that we are near.

Happy Birthday 

Today is a year since I started up Marmalade care ltd

Its been a rocky road especially with the current pandemic but we got here 

lots of  clients who have become good friends and 10 amazing staff who always try to go that extra mile to help .

I am extremely grateful to you all for helping me fulfill my dream of keeping people at home 

for as long as possible in there familiar surroundings giving them independence ,love and support

Here's to another year  more staff more clients 

More person centered care 



 In the past it was believed that all dementia was the same this is not so only recently has it been that distinct disorders such as Semantic Dementia  it is related to frontotemporal dementia  it is a progressive loss of the ability to remember words ,faces and objects this is from the shrinkage of the temporal lobe in the brain.

the problem usually starts with words people will forget the names of things like calling milk water a dog a cat they may also have problems understanding what is said.

people also have difficulty recognising faces of the people they see all the time 

they will find it hard to recognise objects.

people might become self centred not bothering about other peoples feelings becoming preoccupied with certain activities having a fixed routine daily .

the person cannot change there behaviour as it is due to the damage that is effecting there brain cells.

people will normally stay physically well but may become slower as the disease progresses.

this condition normally happens to people between  50 and 65 years of age .there is no cure but certain medication can help with the symptoms.

Quote Of The Day

People in the later stages of dementia need help with every aspect of their daily lives,

from getting up, dressing, personal hygiene, eating, drinking and sitting down in a chair.

Everything becomes a monumental, time consuming effort.

But throughout it all we must try to ensure that they are treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

Friday's Quote Of The Day

Learn your loved ones favourite song and sing it back to them when they no longer have words

Thursday's Quote of the day 

Although your loved one may not remember you or might do thing that frustrate you,

this is the time when he or she needs you the most.

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the,


Being diagnosed with dementia or other related illnesses can be completely overwhelming for that person and there loved ones.

Having someone to help you organize things will at least take some of the stress away.

Call us we will endeavor to help you as much as possible you might need a chat over a cuppa.

Advice on where to go for help for funding etc..

If you cant find the answers we will find them for you.

we are just a phone call away.




Imagine you have a bookcase with several shelves 

each shelf is packed with books and each book is a memory about your life it is about people you have met and places you have been memories happy or sad are in all these books. 

the shelves are stages in your life starting at the bottom .

shelf number 1 bottom shelf 

memories of when you were a child 

shelf number 2 

memories of your school ,college maybe even university.

shelf number 3 

starting out in your chosen career.

shelf number 4

your first love ,getting married.

shelf number 5

having children.

shelf number 6

your children getting married and having children.

shelf number 7  top shelf 

your retirement years .

Now imagine someone comes along and shakes the bookcase so hard that some of the books fall out .

Notice that more books fall out from the top shelves then they do from the bottom .

Not forgetting these books are your memories .

shelf number 7

the top shelf is almost empty 

the shelf that holds your day today memories your memories of now !

so you cant remember who people are or where you are.

you are not familiar with your surroundings as you do not remember them .

shelf  number 6 

the shelf has a lot of books missing your memories of your children getting married of you becoming a grandparent .

so your not quite sure why they are there because who are they you do not know or remember them.

shelf number 5

you may have forgotten who your children are because the book of memories fell out of the bookcase .

shelf number 4

the book is missing from when you got married its gone it fell out ,the man in your house could be an intruder because you have no idea who he is.

shelf number 3

there a few books left here you clearly remember your days working at the bank and your achievements there and that you were there for 5 years .

but you dont know what you did after that because that book fell out .

Shelf number 2

there are books here and there on this shelf you can remember you went to college and that you studied accounts ,your school days and friends are still there but only sometimes because that book of memories is teetering on the edge of the shelf and is about to fall out.

shelf number 1

this shelf is almost full you remember your brothers and sisters and your parents and you spend all day wondering where they are and why there not looking for you .

The disease might hide the person underneath, but there's still a

person in there who needs your


One person caring about another represents life's


Due to the government guidelines set out on Thursday

we would just like to inform everyone that Marmalade Care will be continuing

visiting our lovely clients as normal, ensuring they are safe and well.



Also known as water poisoning

This is a disruption to the brain caused by drinking to much water.  

This is very rare and whilst it might be very difficult to consume to much water it does happen and death can occur due to excessive intake of fluid .

Drinking to much water can increase the amount of water in the blood this can dilute the electrolytes, and especially sodium in the blood.



This is very common in sports people or endurance training but it does occur in people with mental health issues .

On one occasion because an athlete was not properly rehydrated ,his sodium levels fell below130mm0l/1 he then developed water on the brain this is known as hydrocephalus .

 developed a hernia in his brain stem and this lead to his death .

Overhydration happens when someone drinks more than there kidneys can get rid of via urine .

A build up of fluid in the brain is called cerebral edema which can effect the brain stem leading to central nervous disfunction .

In severe cases this can lead to seizures ,brain damage and comas .


Confusion disorientation 



double vision 

difficulty breathing 

muscle cramps 

not being able to identify sensory information 

in rare circumstances swelling of the brain which can be fatal.

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informative entries

Marmalade care bears

Our Latest Blog Entry

14 September 2020

A person centered approach

The most important characteristic of people who are living with dementia is they are living .

They are living as well as they can, they display great courage and resiliency by showing up for another day in a life in a world that we cant even begin to imagine.

They are bringing their best selves to the task of surviving and thriving amid the great challenges that s dementia .

The same may be said for their carers.    

 Its time to create a truly dementia friendly society

Its time to help people living with dementia and their carers to live well .

Its time to create a culture of compassion .

Marina Barker 

Marmalade care bears


7 September 

Sundowning is also known as late-day confusion and is a form of Alzheimer's and other related forms of dementia .

Sundowning is not a disease but a group of symptoms effecting the person living with dementia.

This normally occurs late afternoon and carries on into the night .

the person will become confused and angry  and it always seems to be as daylight fades and in the middle stages of dementia .

Some scientists believe that your body clock is affected by dementia and the part of your brain that recognizes  when your asleep and when your awake breaks down.

These are a few things that might help 

Avoid stimulant's 




Sweets and chocolate 

Try to keep outings and appointments earlier in the day 

Close the curtains and turn  the lights out in the evening .

Make afternoons quite and calm .

Limit food intake in the evening to a snack rather than a hefty meal .

Marina Barker 

Marmalade care bears

Our Latest Blog Entry


Dementia pugilistica punch drunk syndrome 

This is a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated  head injuries,

such as constant blows to the head and or repeated concussion .

this used to be called punch drunk syndrome or dementia pugilistica it is very common in boxers .

the disease usually begins several years after repeated blow to the head. 


Changes in mood 

Difficulty thinking (cognitive impairment )

Impulsive behavior 

Short term memory loss 

as the disease progresses ,slurred speech (dysarthria) 

Significant memory loss 

Parkinsonism symptoms 

Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)

there is no cure

This diagnosis will be treated with pain management and behavioral therapy to help with mood swings ,difficulty planning and carrying out tasks which will affect daily living as in personal care ,social interaction and general well being . 

 Marmalade       care bears


2 OCTOBER 2020


Is the name given   for a group of lung conditions  that can cause breathing difficulties.

This includes emphysema-damage to air sacks in the lungs -chronic bronchitis  that  will  cause long term inflammation of the airways .

Most people who suffer are over 40 years old however it has been known in rare cases off people younger .


                                                      Causes of COPD 

smoking is the main cause of COPD and is thought to be responsible for around 9 out of 10 cases.

                                                           Air pollution 

                                                 Exposure to chemicals 

                                     Exposure to industrial dust and fumes

                                       indoor cooking with poor ventilation  


                                 The major causes of death were found to be 

                                     Acute -on-chronic respiratory failure 

                                                       Heart failure 

                                                   Pulmonary infection 

                                                  Pulmonary embolism

                                                    Cardiac arrhythmia

                                                       Lung cancer



                                                        Chronic cough 

                                                         lack of energy 

                                           Decreased ability to exercise

                                                  Unintended weight loss 

                                          Frequent respiratory infections


                                                       Shortness of breath

                                                     Tightness in the chest 

                                                A cough that wont go away 

                                              Coughing up blood or mucas 

                                       Pain or discomfort when breathing out 

Although there is no cure for this disease avoiding certain things may help 




                                                             Fried foods 

                                                           Dairy products 


Today marmalade care has welcomed more clients into our marmalade family.

Looking forward to getting to know them and building relationships.

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